9th Annual FAAC International Customer Appreciation and Charity Event

Many thanks for your support and attendance in our 9th Annual Customer Appreciation and Charity Event. We began activities on Thursday the 20th with 3 groups touring our facility, including the new production area upstairs, meeting our team, and getting an overview of the major activities that we undertake. After lunch, we offered training on our Bollards, B680H & B614 Barrier, Viking Products, MicroDrive Barrier, and Pedestrian Products.
We gathered in the evening at the Crowne Plaza on the ocean deck, hosting a group of 88 people, with dinner, drinks, and music by the Jon Cabrera. Cal Burch from the House of Hope shared their mission that directly supports our local community through activities including provision of food, clothes, and bicycles to those most in need. Bruce Pate provided a brief business update and presented awards to our top customers.
On the “brisk” Friday morning, surprisingly all members of the 13 teams participated in a scramble golf tournament, and 15 people toured the Brevard Zoo Unfortunately, the inclement weather meant we were unable to also go out on an inshore fishing trip. Continuing the tradition, all employees had a “uniform” (as seen below) to help identify them at their events. The golfers enjoyed shooting a golf ball with a compressed air cannon, lots of laughs, and will probably never forgot the time they came to Florida just to golf in the cold. The people touring the zoo were able to feed the giraffes and some people went kayaking behind the giraffe exhibit too!
Throughout these events on the 20th and 21st of February, YOU helped raise money from activities including sponsorship, silent auction, 50/50 raffle, golf ball launcher, mulligans, and donations. With our combined efforts, we were able to raise $18,690 for House of Hope. Thank you again for your support in these efforts.
You can click here to view photos from the dinner, golf course and trip to the zoo.
We will start organizing next year’s event soon and hope that you will be able to attend – and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationships with you throughout the year and at this great event. Many thanks for your continued support.