FAAC bollards allow you to control the vehicle traffic flow without preventing access to restricted areas for pedestrians or bicycles. With bollards, pleasant and attractive areas are often created, through which historic or less known areas in our cities are rediscovered and enhanced.

The shapely design of the bollards fits perfectly into every environment, without affecting the respective cityscape. By rapidly raising or lowering the retractable bollards, the traffic flow is not disturbed.

There is a solution for everyone.

Is the area to be closed off difficult to be wired? In this case the most appropriate model of the bollard is the semi-automatic: it is lowered manually and rises automatically via a release key.

Vehicles are stopped and FAAC quality is given the green light.

Freedom is also a matter of reliability. The extensive FAAC product range offers the right solution for all requirements. The use of high-quality FAAC hydraulic technology guarantees a quiet and low-wear operation of the bollards over many years. FAAC bollards are based on the philosophy of "Design for Assembly". The result is products that are easy to install and maintain.